About Mahanda Africa Safaris

Mahanda Africa Safaris is a tour operator registered in the Republic of Uganda and specializing in providing world-class private and group tours within the East African region. At Mahanda Africa Safaris, we are committed to understanding our clients and delivering exceptional service quality that exceeds expectations.

Our distinguishing quality is our in-depth knowledge of the East African region and our relentless pursuit of outstanding service excellence for our clients. These qualities are underpinned by a well-trained and professional service team of guides and administrators who embody the hospitable African spirit of fun and adventure.

+Our Mission
Our mission is to infuse service excellence and innovation into the awe-inspiring experience of the African safari . We leverage our intimate knowledge of the continent’s sights and sounds, our unmatched service quality, and our relentless pursuit of innovation to give our clients an unforgettable experience.
+Our Vision
We see ourselves as a beacon of service excellence and innovative tourism across the whole African continent.
+Our Products
At Mahanda Africa Safaris, we pride ourselves on our innovative, client-focused and flexible approach to tour design. To achieve this, we leverage our formidable network of hotels and lodges as well as our vast knowledge of the local geographical and cultural landscape to create the most innovative tour experiences.
+Our Promise
At Mahanda Africa Safaris, we believe that we exist to make your dream holiday in Africa a reality. Our promise is to spare no effort to ensure you have an awesome tour with us. What’s more, if we do not meet your expectations, we will make every reasonable effort to make it up to you.
+The Meaning Behind the name Mahanda
The name Mahanda is derived from the root word ‘Muhanda’ which means pathway or road in one of Uganda’s local languages called ‘Rutooro’. Rutooro is spoken by a tribe in Western Uganda called the ‘Batooro’. The Batooro have a rich history and culture and are best known for their pet name culture. In the Batooro culture, every child born is given one of 10 pet names. This pet name is used to refer to this persons and usually calling someone by their pet name is a sign of affection.

In Rutooro language, the word ‘Muhanda’ means a pathway or a road. Mahanda is the plural of Muhanda. Our name Mahanda speaks of the many pathways in Africa that lead to it’s amazing and iconic attractions.

+Our Story
Mahanda Africa Safaris was started by a couple, Rodney and Janet, who both call East Africa home and share a passion for travel.

This shared passion led them to start Mahanda Africa Safaris with a desire to share this breathtaking continent with the world.

In January 2019, Mahanda Africa Safaris was registered as a company in the Republic of Uganda and in July 2019, the company became a member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators. In the same month, the company received a tour operator’s license from the Uganda Tourism Board.

Today, the company continues to grow by leaps and bounds with client service excellence and innovation at the core of this growth.

+Partnering with Safari Bookings
Mahanda Africa Safaris, can now be found on SafariBookings.com where you can also find our itineraries and share reviews and feedback. Please visit www.safaribookings.com

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